Affiliate Army Program

Open to anyone (customer or non-customer), our affiliate program is a quick and easy way to make some cash while helping your favorite hosting provider.

While you're an awesome member of Kloud51 Affiliate Army, you'll have some cool benefits too.

How It Works

Signup to our affiliate program, it's quick and free (existing customers don't need to do this).

Put a link (such as on your web-site.

Visitors to your site click on that link, come to our site and signup for one of our hosting accounts. We register that new customer as one of your referrals.

Each month we send you 20% of what your referrals spent with us during the previous month. The money can be sent to your PayPal account or credited to your Kloud51 account as a in-store credit.


So what's so good about being a member of Kloud51 Affiliate Army?

Well, not only you get %20 of the referral bill but also:

You'll receive Kloud51 products promotions earlier that other clients or even before we announce and publish them. So you can use and advertise them other places before we do.

You can ask for custom promotion codes to provide to your referral even when we don't have any active ones, you can work with our Sales team to design a promotion code that suitsyourpurpose.

You'll be given Affiliate Army tag in our Community Forum.

You can communicate with the rest of the Affiliate Army and discuss about moreopportunities. (via private section of the Community Forum or private mailing-list)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the referral has already an account?

The one that have already accounts still can use your referral and use your promo code, the affiliate program is not based on client registrations, it's based on orders.

Any order that comes from you referring someone, it will count as your commission. No matter if user is already registered or a new one.

What If I wanted to send them directly to the cart instead of the index page?

It is possible to link directly to the order form for a specific product. To do this, simply append & pid=x to the end of the [AffiliateLinkCode] where x is replaced by the ID of the product.

When is the Payday ?

Payments are made on the first business day of the month, Provided that your balance is $51 or more.

Affiliate Links

In order to send potential customers to our web-site and have them listed as one of your referrals,

all you have to do is use the following link on your website:

Terms and Conditions

Payments are made on the first business day of the month, provided that your balance is $51 or more.

The referral must have a different physical address, email address and credit card number from the referrer.