Refund Policy

All financial related disputes must be sent in writing to Unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing by Kloud51 or an authorized representative:

  1. Kloud51’s products and services are refundable within seven (7) calendar days of initial purchase wherein this refund is understood as a cancellation of Kloud51’s services to the Customer.

  2. Kloud51 retains the right over funds for the period it has serviced the Customer, with refunds covering the dispute period and the leftover paid service period.

  3. A dispute does not guarantee a refund and will be treated case by case.

  4. Overcharges or billing disputes must be reported within sixty (60) calendar days of occurrence in order for possible refund processes to be initiated.

  5. A refund to Customer will be issued withing 7 business days period.

  6. All the services related to refund will be cancelled and terminated upon initializing the refund proces (5).

  7. In no event will Customer be eligible for more than one refund for the same product.

  8. All refund requests must include the reason Customer is asking for a refund and whether Customer want an In-store Credit.

  9. Customer must first cancel the Service and submit the request after the Service has been cancelled and terminated by Client Area provided to Customer to manage cancellation.

  10. Modification. This refund policy may be subject to changes and modification without notification to the Customer. By continuing the use of Kloud51’s site and services, the Customer agrees to this refund policy.

  11. Late Fees. The provision of any refund will be rejected by Kloud51 and will not be applicable if any outstanding late fees are associated with the subscription, subscriptions, custom options, or the account of the Customer submitting the refund request.

  12. Service Renewal. Kloud51 does not issue any refund for service renewal to Customer.


Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Linux Web Hosting


  • Any services related to SSL Certificates included but not limited to

    • SSL Certificates Registration

    • SSL Certificates Renewal

  • Any services related to Domains included but not limited to:

    • Domain Registration

    • Domain Transfer

    • Domain renewal

    • Whois Protection