Kloud51 Team is please to announce the release of Arch Linux Latest 64 Bit .This OpenVZ templates has been secured and hardened for better security and of course maximum flexibility for managing packages. You no longer need to do the fundamental securing process on this OS.We have done some cool security hardening on default image. Not only ... Read More »

Kloud51 talks Solid. Solid as Solid-State Drive, SSD! Kloud51 currently provides Linux VPS with OpenVZ as its virtualization technology. Well, we were providing these precious virtual machines on HDD, well we don't say anything against it, but to be honest with high speed internet connections and having 30-64 virtual machines on each Node ... Read More »

New release of ArchLinux Desktop (Super Fast) [Remote Desktop Ready] Version 2016.01.15 CHANGELOG Installed Firefox web browser. Update the whole installed packages to the latest. Enabled multilib repositories. To get this version, please re-install your OS to ArchLinux Desktop (Super Fast) [Remote Desktop Ready]Discussion on ... Read More »